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How to find influencers (video)

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You get an access to a large database of Instagram accounts with over 1000 followers with trendHERO.

Search filters:

By account


Influencer or brand.

You can search by country or by city. We use machine learning technology to determine a location based on geotags.
Please keep in mind that blogger’s location might be different from that of their followers. It would be best to double-check using the reports.

The language they currently use in their publications. Some bloggers might use multiple languages. 

We determine a blogger’s gender by searching the glossary of words used by that blogger. 

Age of the influecner according to his or her photo. Not amplied to brands.

By content

Categories Our categories based on machine learning analyses of content.

Instagram categories

Categories from Instagram. Grouped and combined to let you find doctors, coaches, etc. Learn more

By keywords


You can use one or multiple keywords. We’ll search the profile names and bios and display all accounts with at least one matching keyword. However, the profiles with the maximum number of keywords will come first.
For example, you use the keywords “mom”, “instamom”, “raise”, “kids”. The account with the bio that says “Fitness instamom, raise two kids” will be displayed on top of the list, while “Fitness mom who loves her little princesses to pieces” will come at the bottom. By using keywords, you can find more profiles. Use multiple keywords and see what bloggers you are interested in write in their bios. 
Negative keywords

Required keywords

Learn more 

By statistics

Number of followers

Number of follows

Engagement or ER

We believe that normal ER is anything between 1% and 15%. Any values higher than that are suspicious. 
Number of publications



Last publication.

The day the latest post was published. Helps to filter out the abandoned profiles. 

By audience

Audience location – find influencers with audience from some country or city.

Audience gender – use it to filter accounts with required ammount of followers (male or female).

AQS – get a list of accounts with quality audience.

Learn more

Updated on: 14/08/2023

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