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How to share a list of influencers

Articles on: Lists

Use this feature to create public lists:

to share with colleagues

to send to clients

to create articles and tops

Please, open the step-by-step guide using this link.
How to share a list?

Click on the Share button

You can share any created lists.

Choose share type

Add title or description if needed

According to your task, you may want to make it looks nice and convenient. 

Example: If you're sending it to a colleague it can be named as 'List'. But if you want to send it to a customer, you want the list to have proper title. Like, "50 influencers for BrandName campaign 2023'01" + "This is the list of influencers we found according to your request. Choose 10 creators you want to collaborate". 

Or, we want to make a post: "Top food influencers in Canada". So we will use this title and add the author in the description. 

You can show Notes

Notes is useful if you want to share your own info or status.

Example:_I can share a list and write down a status of collaboration in Notes. Or_ I asked influencers for their rates, added this data to the notes, and share it to colleagues.

Save and copy the link

All is done. Now this list is available for anyone who has the link. 

I don't want to share a list any more. What should I do?

Click the button Share and choose Personal. Or delete the list if you don't need it.

Try it!

Updated on: 26/07/2023

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