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For your convenience, trendHERO uses lists. All lists are available for import and export.

Using the list import feature is extremely convenient because you can transfer your blogger lists to trendHERO and track the basic metrics daily.

You can import your list of profiles in the My lists section. Just choose the list you need and click on the icon of a cloud with an upwards arrow:

You can import no more than 20 profiles at a time. If you accidentally choose more, the service will automatically upload the first 20 profiles. 


Free account: profile export to Favorites

Other subscription plans: profile import/export to any lists

In case you accidentally started uploading a list of more than 20 profiles, wait for the service to upload the first 20 and then proceed to upload the rest.

Updated on: 13/08/2023

Aktualisiert am: 16/08/2023

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