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What do you need profiles to

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Proffile is your 'Sender name'. 

This profile is shown to the influencers in offer as 'Sent by'. That's why try to make it clear. F.e. Ann from Fird Clessen shows the brand Ann represents. 

Types of profiles

Advertiser profile

[Soon] Influencer profile – connected to the Instagram account

How to create an advertiser profile

Visit profiles page

Click Add profile

Download profile pic

Type any profile name

Describe the brand, account or agency you represent. Don't be shy.

You could edit this profile at any time. These changes will affect all the previously sent offers.  

How to create an influencer profile

We'll send all offers to this profile after Instagram account is connected with profile in trendHERO. 

By now there is only one way to connect your Instagram account – get an email with an offer from trendHERO. 

For example I have trendHERO account ( and Instagram account @andrewth (public email: So I'll need to receive offer on, click the link in this email, and sign in with my trendHERO account After that the profile @andrew_th is created and connected. All offers for @andrew_th will be sent to me._ 

Every Instagram account could be connected to only one trendHERO account. If your want to re-connect your Instagram account – write us in the chat please.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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