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How to export the full database of influencers from Search

You probably already know that Export is available on the Pro and Advanced plans.

Now we will show you how to download the full database of influencers from your search (within the limits of your plan).

The main things you need to remember:

Number of followers
Sort By Followers
Last page
Changing Number of followers (last influencer from the list)

Repeat these steps until you export all the lists.

Step 1

Open the Discovery section and choose the filter parameters you need and click to Search.
In this example, we will look at influencers with 1 million followers.
We found 40.5k influencers and want to get the full list, but only a portion of them is available for export.

Step 2

Select "Sort by Follower Count" and click on the Export icon.
Your first list will be automatically exported to your device.

Step 3

Please go to the last page of the selected list of influencers and check the number of followers for the last influencer in the list.
Сopy this number of followers, we will need it for a new filter.

Step 4

Please enter the copied number of followers in the "Number of followers to" filter and then click the "Search" button again.

In our example, we write 13,724,348.
(Lifehack: if you enter 13,724,349, you will get an entirely new list.)

After that, continue working as described in step 2.

Just repeat the steps until you export the entire list of influencers.
Remember: Number of followers – Search – Sort by Follower Count – Export – Last page. Happy exporting!

Updated on: 28/01/2024

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