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Influencer Comparison

When choosing an influencer for your advertising campaign, you often have to select from multiple options.
To make this process fast and convenient for you, we have created the Influencer Comparison feature.

You can add up to 10 accounts to the list and select up to 14 metrics for comparison. Additionally, you can sort the metrics by any chosen criterion. It's not mandatory to add only purchased reports to the list, but in that case, the number of metrics for comparison will be reduced.

What is Select Audience and Why Do You Need It

It's your customized filter that you can set up on your own. It includes 3 metrics:

Audience by Location – this metric helps you see the percentage of the audience based on the selected location for the accounts in the list. For example, you can choose London, and the service will show you the percentage of the audience from London for each user in the list. If an account doesn't have such an audience, the service will show "-".
Audience by gender – this metric helps you see the percentage of the audience based on gender. For instance, you can choose Male, and the service will display the percentage of male audience for each account in your list.
Audience by type – using this metric, you can select the Audience Type to display its percentage in the list for each account. You have two options: Quality Subscribers and Non-quality subscribers. Quality Subscribers include audience types like Real and Influencers. Non-quality subscribers include Mass Followers and Suspicious.

For more details on each audience type, you can read here.

Additional Available Metrics

Account Quality Score (AQS) – an assessment of the account's quality. You can find more information about this metric here.
Account followers – the number of followers of the selected account.
Engagement Rate (ER) – the percentage of the audience engaged with the content (commenting or liking posts). Learn how we calculate this metric here.
Quality audience – the number of quality audience members for the selected accounts. Read more about the calculation here.
Media count – the number of posts on the account.
Average likes – the average number of likes per post for the account. We calculate the average of the last 18 posts (excluding the most recent one if it was made less than a day ago). You can find more about the key metrics here.
Average comments – the average number of comments per post for the account.
Number of comments per 100 likes – this metric helps to understand how often the user's posts are commented relative to their likes. It helps to identify any abnormal amount of comments on posts. Learn more about this metric here.
Audience growth – the change in audience over the last 4 weeks.
Account following – the number of subscriptions of the selected account.
Country – the location of the account.

* – data from paid reports

Limits for comparisons:
Lite – 10 lists
Pro – 20 lists
Advanced – 30 lists

How to Add Accounts to Comparison

You can add accounts for comparison in several ways:
From the Discovery section, select the desired accounts from the search results and click the "Add to Comparison" button, then choose the list you want.
From any list, just like in the discovery section.
In the Comparison section itself, after entering the account name in the search, simply click the "Add to Comparison" button.

You can try the Comparison feature here.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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