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Likes spread

Why is it important to look at the graph likes spread? 

The likes spread is the difference in the number of likes given across different posts. A percent between 40% and 100% is considered normal. 

The graph showing likes spread might look complicated. But when you learn to understand it, you will immediately see when the likes are being inflated.

It shows the comments and likes of each post represented by a blue dot. For example, a post received 157k likes and 3.2k comments, so the blue dot is shown at 157k on the horizontal ‘likes’ axis and at 3.2k on the vertical ‘comments’ axis. In this case, the post is for a giveaway. 

Two situations may look suspicious:

The likes spread is less than 40% — all the points are close to each other — the blogger is likely to be adjusting their posts to a certain level, inflating the number of likes. They're probably fake likes.
The like spread is more than 100% — there are points far away from others — the post is a giveaway or boosted by advertising.

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Updated on: 13/08/2023

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