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Audience Quality (AQS)

In the "Audience Quality" section, there are 5 key indicators presented:

1. Audience Authenticity.
Here, you will see the percentage of the audience that we have identified as real people. These users are most valuable for advertisers.

2. Audience Engagement.
We show the proportion of the audience that actively engages with content by leaving comments and giving likes.

3. Follower Trend.
This indicator provides insight into how the number of followers has changed over time – whether it increased or decreased.

4. Follower Growth Dynamics.
Here you can find out the details of the change in the number of followers: whether it was organic growth, followers activity-driven, or growth due to an event, such as a giveaway. If the user participated in a giveaway, we will inform about it.

5. Activity in Comments.
This metric reflects the followers' reaction to the influencer's posts, showing how actively they comment on the content.

With these indicators, you will get a comprehensive understanding of the state of the audience for a specific account.

Updated on: 26/09/2023

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