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How to find similar accounts – Deep

trendHERO provides a list of similar accounts by deep analysis of active users and aggregation of their follows.  
There are two ways to find similar accounts:

Quick: Based on Instagram suggestions. Read more
Deep: Based on followers interests.

In this article, we'll discuss the Deep option.

Step 1. Click 'Find similar'

Deep method is based on followers interests, so it's require you to open the report to analyze the audience.

Step 2. Choose 'Deep'

Step 3. Get up to 300 similar accounts

It's the simplest way to get list of influencers for cooperation. 

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There are two main metrics: 

repeats — number of aggregated active followers same for two accounts.
correlation – percentage of aggregated active followers from all followers. It's shown by colour where green is high level of correlation and red is low level of correlation.

You could sort this list by number of followers, ER, repeats and correlation. There is also a filter section:

Why do we need two different metrics? Using only one metric (repeats) makes this list full of influencers with big amount of followers. For example you have 30 mutual followers with Ronaldo. But he has 200M+ followers, so the chance of same subscribers is huge. That's why we added correlation — with this metric you get micro- and nanoinfluencers who don't have a large amount of repeats, but they don't have big amount fo followers too. 

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What This Feature Is Used For

The Top Similar Accounts report is used for:

Finding influencers: If you have identified or discovered a suitable influencer, you can easily find up to 300 similar influencers with just two clicks.
Verifying influencers: The Top Similar Accounts report shows the accounts followed by an influencer's audience, providing an advanced analysis of audience interests. For example, you can determine if a fashion influencer is a genuine influencer by examining their similar accounts. If they are indeed an influencer, you will find numerous other fashion influencers and brands in the similar accounts report.
Understanding your audience's interests: Analyze similar accounts for your brand account to gain insights into your audience's preferences.
Increasing the number of touchpoints with clients: Enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns by promoting your products and services through influencers that your audience trusts. This approach allows your potential clients to see your posts, promoted content, and goods or services endorsed by the influencers they believe in.
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Based on Instagram suggestionsBased on followers interests
Quick suggestionsMore relevant accounts based on in-depth report
You don't need to open reportYou have to open report first
10 secondsup to 6 hours
up to 30 accountsup to 300 accounts in the list
Used for quick searchUsed for niche and account analysis, deep search, interests report

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Updated on: 28/01/2024

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