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How to find similar accounts – Quick

There are two ways to find similar accounts in trendHERO:

Quick: Based on Instagram suggestions
Deep: Based on followers interests. Read more

In this article, we'll discuss the Quick option.

Step 1. Click 'Find Similar'

The quick similar search is based on Instagram suggestions. It's a powerful built-in Instagram tool, so we decided to help our customers use it while using trendHERO.

Step 2. Choose 'Quick'

Note: This method of finding influencers doesn't require you to open a report.

Step 3. Get a list of similar accounts

Try it now

Based on Instagram suggestionsBased on followers interests
Quick suggestionsMore relevant accounts based on in-depth report
You don't need to open reportYou have to open report first
10 secondsup to 6 hours
up to 30 accountsup to 300 accounts in the list
Used for quick searchUsed for niche and account analysis, deep search, interests report

Try it now

Updated on: 13/08/2023

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