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AI Influencer Check

This tool provides you with an overview of 13 key criteria, developed using artificial intelligence, for a deeper understanding of the influencer and their account.
First, you'll see 4 criteria:

Values and Beliefs.
Discover the values and beliefs the influencer conveys to their followers, and determine if they align with your brand's philosophy.

Brand Affinities.
Identify the brands to which the influencer is attached or shows preference.

Relevant Tags.
Learn about the key tags the influencer frequently uses to understand the topics or trends they are interested in.

Tone and Style.
Analyze the style and tone the influencer uses to communicate with their audience to determine if their approach matches the spirit of your brand.

If you need more information, click the "Show more from AI" button, and you will see another 9 additional criteria:

Profile and Identity:

Values and Beliefs
Represent the core principles and moral compass that guide the influencer's decisions and content.
Influencer Expertise
Highlights specific areas or topics where the influencer has significant knowledge or experience.
Niche or Category
Determines the primary sector or theme that the influencer primarily focuses on, such as beauty, tech, or fitness.

Audience Insights:

Relevant Tags
Keywords or phrases often associated with the influencer, reflecting popular content topics.
Target Audience Income Level
Provides information about the economic status of the predominant audience that follows the influencer.
Target Audience Age Range
Indicates the main age demographic that interacts with the influencer's content.

Brand and Collaboration:

Brand Affinity
Shows which brands the influencer favors or has previously endorsed.
Brand Collaborations
A list of partners or sponsors the influencer has worked with in the past.
Call-to-Action Usage
Emphasizes the influencer's approach to directing their audience towards specific actions, such as buying a product or registering for an event.

Content Analysis:

Tone and Style
Describes the overall mood and presentation of the influencer's content, be it humorous, serious, or inspiring.
Topical Trends
Determines the current topics or subjects the influencer is focusing on, reflecting what's currently popular in their niche.
Sentiment Analysis
Evaluation of positive, negative, or neutral audience reactions in response to the influencer's content.
Research into the main feelings or moods conveyed through the influencer's content, such as joy, sadness, or excitement.

This tool will help you better understand influencers and make more informed decisions when collaborating with them.
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Updated on: 28/09/2023

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