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The "Content Analysis" section displays 5 key metrics based on an influencer's last 18 posts.

ER (Engagement Rate).
Compare the engagement metric with similar-sized accounts in the same category. Such a comparison will help determine how active an influencer's audience is compared to other influencers of a similar nature.

Likes per post.
Discover the average number of likes an influencer's post receives.

View rate.
This metric reveals the percentage of followers who actually view the influencer's content.

Comments per post.
Get insights into the average number of comments on each post.

Comment rate.
This chart illustrates the portion of the audience that actively interacts with the content by leaving comments.

Take note of two pivotal metrics: view rate and comment rate. These metrics offer a clear insight into how popular an influencer's content is among their followers.

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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