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How to create offers for influencer

We need offers to send them to influencers. An offer should include all useful information for first interaction. 

You could discuss any details in further conversation in the chat. 

Required fields

Offer name – an offer title you see in My offers
Offer subject – an offer subject shown to influencers. We made 'Offer name' and 'Offer subject' for your convenience. So you could name your offers in any way.
Profile – your name shown to influencers. We recommend using 'name + brand'. For example, Andrew from trendHERO. Read more about profiles
Offer type – what is the aim of your collaboration. Choose 'Ready to pay for sponsoring' if you are looking for influencers to promote your goods.
Offer description – describe what brand or account you represent and what collaboration do you want. You could ask an influencer about additional data (f.e. audience stats) or his or her ideas about the perfect format for collaboration. 150 symbols minimum.

Additional fields

Offer valid until – choose the date to show how urgent the offer is. We WILL NOT make it not inactive after this date.
Budget – it's not required. The influencer will see '-' in case you leave this field empty.
Barter – this field shows whether you are ready to provide goods or services in kind. Influencers have different payment requirements. Some opinion leaders could ask for payment + goods or services in order to create public review.
Files – you could attach pictures (jpg and png) and docs (pdf). There is no need to attach a brief or all materials while sending an offer. You could send them after the influencer reply.
Format – choose one or several formats you want. F.e. any type of posts.

You need to to confirm that you're not promoting drugs, weapons, sex services or any other goods or services prohibited by the law.

Updated on: 20/08/2023

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