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What does offer staticstics mean? Replies and rejects?

After you click the 'Send' button you get statistics of this campaign. 

We'll send your offer to all influencers with emails. If an influencer from your list doesn't show his or her email in Instagram we can't send a letter and won't charge it as sending. 

Influencers get a letter "{account name} you have 1 collaboration request". Where {account name} is an username of an influencer.  After that the influencer should sign in or sign up to trendHERO. He or she will see two buttons – Reject or Reply.


Sent – the number of influencers the offer was sent.
Views – the number of influencers opened the letter.
Clicks – the number of influencers clicked at least one time on the the link in the the letter.
Replies – the number of influencers started the converstation about your offer.
Rejects – the number of influencers rejects your offer without converstaion.

Click on the any block to see the full list of influencers.

Updated on: 20/08/2023

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