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What is an influencer outreach

Outreach is a simple way to build relationships with influencers.

Don't waste time on Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V or manual address search. Contact creators in few simple steps in 5 minutes or less.   

Just choose influencers and trendHERO will send them emails. 

How it works Create an offer

Choose accounts (manually or from list)
Send your offer
Receive replies

Step 0. Create your profile

The influencer will see who the offer was sent by, that's why you need to have an appealing profile. We recommend using something like Andrew from Brand Name. 

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Step 1. Create an offer

There is a simple form to make a clear but detailed offer. It includes budget, barter, description, date others. 

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Step 2. Choose accounts

There are two ways: 

Manually – just type the username
[Recommended] From your list

How do we know influencers' emails? trendHERO collects emails from profiles (bio and email button).

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Step 3. Send the offer

Click the Send button and we'll send your offer. 

Influencers get a letter "{account name} you have one collaboration request". Where {account name} is an username of an influencer. 

After that the influencer should sign in or sign up to trendHERO. He or she will see two buttons – Reject or Reply. 

So you'll get all the campaign statistics in My offers: sent, views, clicks (to sign in to trendHERO), replies and rejects. Click on the block with statistics to see which accounts performed the action. 

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Updated on: 17/02/2024

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