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Number of unique followers

A unique follower is an individual user that follows at least one of the auditable accounts. 

The number of unique followers shows the total number of individual users you’ll reach during your marketing campaign in case you decide to advertise with the influencers on the list.


Blogger @petersmith has 10, 000 followers. Another blogger, @ianrichards, has 20, 000 followers. The overlap between their audiences is 1000 followers.

These 1k followers will be included in our report because they’ll see your ads too.

Unique audience

The graph shows two types of correlation for each blogger.

Unique audience ratio

The unique audience is the ratio between the number of unique followers of a blogger and their total follower count.

@petersmith has 9k unique followers out of his 10k followers. This means his unique audience ratio is 90%.

Unique audience ratio to the total auditable unique audience

In the example above, the total unique audience is 29k but we’ll also estimate each blogger’s contribution to the total unique audience. @petersmith has 9k unique followers out of total29k unique followers. This means that his unique audience ratio to the total unique audience is 31%.

This is necessary so you could have an idea about each blogger’s weight in comparison to other bloggers on the list of auditable influencers. And so you could remove the influencers with the least weight from your marketing campaign.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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