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Search by keywords. Required and negative keywords.

You can use one or multiple keywords. 

We’ll search the profile names and bios and display all accounts with at least one matching keyword. However, the profiles with the maximum number of keywords will come first.

For example, you use the keywords “mom”, “instamom”, “raise”, “kids”. The account with the bio that says “Fitness instamom, raise two kids” will be displayed on top of the list, while “Fitness mom who loves her little princesses to pieces” will come at the bottom. By using keywords, you can find more profiles. Use multiple keywords and see what is written in bios of influencers you are interested in. 

So simple keyword search is perfect for first research or in a case of synonymous keywords (like kids, sons, daughters, etc).

For example we need to find all fitness trainers. We could use not only "fitness", but "bodyflex", "stretching", etc.

Required keywords

Use them if one of the words define the search query. 

For example, we need to find influencer marketers. If we add 'influencer', 'marketer' and 'marketing', we'll get: influencer+marketing+marketer, influencer+marketer, influencer+marketing, marketer+marketing and single words results. So we add 'influencer' as required and get results only with this word. 

Tip: Use 'collab' and 'collaboration' as required words.

For example, you used keywords 'mom', 'instamom', 'kids', 'son', 'sons', etc. Add 'collab' as an required word to see all influencers who want to collaborate. 

Negative keywords

It helps to exclude some results.

For example, we need to find vegan influencers. Using 'vegan' means that we find vegan cafes also. So we'll use 'cafe' as negative word.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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