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Tracking FAQ

There are 2 types of accounts on the main tracking page:

Accounts added by you
Demo accounts added by us free of charge (all data is real and provided as an example).

By default, here is the data by the last day.

On the tracking page of a specific account – 31 days by default.

How often the data is updated?

Once a day, at least.

But there could be more due to our algorithms.

Any open account with 1000 followers and more. Your own or someone else's. Business or personal.

Can I remove accounts from tracking?

Yes. Limits for deleting accounts from tracking:

– Lite – 2
– Pro – 20
– Advanced – 50

Will I be able to get the data on the date range before I added account?

You will receive all the statistics that we have collected for previous periods. For the purpose of analyzing and checking for fake audience we collected data from open sources on accounts with 10 000 followers and more. After adding an account to tracking, you will receive all this data.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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