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The dotted line in graphs

What does the dotted line mean?

Once you start tracking a profile, we start collecting data on a daily basis.

But the service also collected some data for the previous year. So when you check a profile, you get quite a lot of stats. In case we haven’t been able to collect data on one of the days, that gap in information will be displayed as a dotted line. Any follower growth during this period of time will be calculated by dividing the value by the number of days in the gap period.

For example, you started tracking a profile on January 18. We didn’t collect any data on January 7 (before you started tracking the profile), so the graph will look like this:

Here, January 7 is shown as a dotted line. The difference between January 8 and January 6 is -5436 followers. So we put down the value -2718 as followers growth for January 7 and January 8.

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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