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2023-05-10. AI Keywords Explorer, Keyword Query Changes, and Other Updates

In this release:

AI Keywords Explorer
Changes to Keyword Queries
Other Upgrades and Bug Fixes

AI Keywords Explorer

We're excited to introduce our latest feature - the AI Keywords Explorer, in the latest release. This new tool is designed to make the process of influencer discovery more effective and efficient for marketers and brand strategists.

What is AI Keywords Explorer?

It's a powered by ChatGPT tool that provides a list of terms (keywords) influencers use in their bios. This tool significantly decreases the time you spend on niche analysis.

For example, if you need to find all mom influencers, you would use keywords for such a precise influencer search. But first, you need to know these keywords. In the past, you had to find them manually (by scrolling through all influencers and adding keywords). Now, ChatGPT will do it for you. Just type in one keyword, and our tool will show you the words that influencers use to describe themselves.

This tool can save you several hours on each influencer campaign.

Main advantages

Powered by ChatGPT.
Language sensitive (you can choose the language for your search).
'Get more keywords' button to generate more keyword options.

How to use AI Keywords Explorer

Click on AI Keywords
Type your keyword
Get a list of keywords
Click '+' to add this keyword to your search query (you can add as many as you want)

Try it for free

Keywords Queries Changes

We've updated the logic of keyword queries.

Previously, if you typed the keyword 'yoga trainer', you would get results for 'yoga trainer', 'yoga', and 'trainer'. So we recommended adding 'yoga' as a required word plus 'trainer', 'coach', 'expert', 'consultant', etc. Note: you had to search for all these synonyms for 'trainer' by yourself.

Now, if you type 'yoga trainer', you'll get results for 'yoga trainer' and 'trainer yoga'. But you also have AI Keywords Explorer. Just use it to get a list of keywords and add them to your search.

ChatGPT makes influencer search really simple!

Other updates and fixes

Ad Post Updates: Stability Improvements. More results.
Gender Detection Algorithm Upgrades: Now, you'll get a more precise graph for audience gender distribution in account reports. It's part of our ongoing process of improving our algorithms due to new trends and tools. The gender graph shows if an influencer has your target audience, so you can make an informed decision.
Minor Bug Fixes

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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