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2023-01-26. Share a list. The feature every influencer marketer need

Now you can share lists you've created in trendHERO:

All lists show actual number of followers and Engagement rate

It's a  next level upgrade comparing with shared spreadsheets, because now you can get evergreen lists with links to Instagram profiles and full analytics report in one click. No more copy/paste to excel. Save hours on influencer marketing tasks with trendHERO. 

How it is used:

Influencer marketers
a) share lists to colleagues according to workflow.
For example, Anna found 500 influencers to ask for collaboration. She added them to list '1. Found'. She analyzed them and choose 50 to check (added to the list '2. Check'). After that she got reports and choose 20 most promising ones (added to the list '3. Outreach'). Now she can share it with their outreach specialist. Or she can add this lists to her task (for supervisor).  
b) save a list of profitable influencers. Add info about previous collaboration to Notes. You can share a list with this notes.  
c) create black lists. 
Freelancers send lists to clients for approval.
Bloggers use it for articles (e.g. Body positive influencers to follow in 2023)

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Updated on: 17/02/2024

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