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2022-04-08. Notes, ER calculator and better search

There are three important updates in this release: 

New feature – Notes
New free tool — Engagement Rate Calculator
Upgrade – New gender recognition algorithm


Simple but powerful feature. Now you can add a note about the influencer in the report or in the list.

It’s a quite important update, because it changes the way you use trendHERO. You were able to add an influencer to the list to remember his or her status. But there was no possibility to write down some specific information. For example, integration price, cpm or some agreements. 

Now you can store information about influencers and creators on our platform. For example:

Results of previous collaboration.
Specific conditions the influencer is interested in.
Which goods were sent as a part of the deal.

To use notes just click on its button in the list:

Or add it in the report:

Add your first note in a list

Notes is the first step to one new big feature.

Engagement Rate Calculator

You know that you see ER and followers growth in an influencer preview (the page you see before a report is opened). We decided to create a free online tool with this data. 

Try Engagement Rate Calculator

The advantages: 

No need to sign up
Mobile friendly
Quick data about ER

Our clients can use this Engagemant Rate Calculator or preview page. 

But we want to ask you to help. If you like it don’t hesitate to share it. This free tool can be very useful for your friends or colleague.  

Additional gender recognition algorithm

We improved our gender recognition algorithm. It means that you’ll get more precise results using gender filters for an influencer discovery.  

Now we analyze more data about the influencer to improve discovery. So it is the first results but there will be new features tied with it soon. 

Check our Discovery

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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