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2023-06-08. 'Find Similar' feature big update

We are glad to announce a new feature – Quick for Find similar.

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Our customers might remember using the trendHERO Similar Accounts feature. So, what's new with this Quick Suggestions feature?

Quick for Find Similar is a new feature based on Instagram's suggestion algorithms. You're probably aware that after you follow an Instagram account, the platform suggests other similar accounts to follow. Many of our customers found value in this built-in feature, so we decided to create a feature that draws from these suggestions.

Note: You don't need to open the report to get this list of influencers. It is ready in 10 seconds.

Now, you have two tools for similar account suggestions:

Quick: Based on Instagram suggestions. Read more
Deep: Based on followers interests. Read more

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Which one is better?

Our primary customer strategy is about creating tools to simplify influencer search and analysis. We always aim to create solutions that are just a couple of clicks away. That’s why we recommend using both tools. In doing so, you’ll find more influencers, as we use two different algorithms for suggestions.

Based on Instagram suggestionsBased on followers interests
Quick suggestionsMore relevant accounts based on in-depth report
You don't need to open report*You have to open report first
10 secondsup to 6 hours
up to 30 accountsup to 300 accounts in the list
Used for quick searchUsed for niche and account analysis, deep search, interests report

*As far as you don't need to open report you can get a list faster + it doesn't affect your report count.

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For instance, here are the Quick suggestions results:

And here are the Deep research results:

As you can see they are different. Quick suggestions focused on accounts that look similar. Deep suggestions show you who is followed by this influencer audience. That's why we recommend to use both Find similar features.

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Updated on: 23/08/2023

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