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2023-08-01. New Feature – Influencer Comparison

We are excited to introduce the long-awaited feature – Influencer Comparison

The Account Comparison feature simplifies the process of selecting accounts for your advertising campaigns, making it faster, more efficient, and more comfortable.

Key Features of the New Function:

Select up to 14 metrics for comparison, from ER to the comments-to-likes ratio.
Add up to 10 accounts to a single list.
Use the Select Audience function to customize metrics based on audience: Location, Gender, and Audience Type.

For more details on the Influencer Comparison feature, you can read here.

Account Comparison allows you to sort and compare accounts based on your own criteria, enabling you to choose the most suitable options.

We appreciate your involvement in improving our service! You are not just a user; you are part of our team.
If you have any further questions or suggestions for improvement, feel free to chat with us!

Try our new feature here.

Updated on: 22/08/2023

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