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2021-07-09. Instagram categories, contacts info, required and negative keywords

New features in dicovery – 4 new search filters and more search results. 

Instagram category – you can now search over 1500 account categories. It's perfect way to find trainers, doctors or specific brands like Jewelry.
Contacts info – you can find those who left phone number or email in the bio or in the buttons on Instagram. In the Advanced plan, you can export a list of bloggers with these contacts.
Required and Negative keywords – improves keyword searches. For example, if you need only accounts with words 'doctor' and 'New Orlean' in bio.

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About search results

The number of search results in different subscriptions has changed to:

Results in the search results per timedemo5001000
Export of lists (accounts per time)-5001000
Export also phone and email--yes

Pay attention to the phrase "per time".

The vast majority of our clients scrolls through one or two pages in search (20-40 first results), so we limited the results to 100-1000 results per time. So the search could be faster and did not overload the servers.

But, obviously, sometimes you need to download more than 100 or even 1000 accounts. In this case, we ask you to narrow your search in order to download it in 2 times.

For example, you have a Pro subscription (with a limit of 500 accounts in the search results). And according to your criteria, you received 780 accounts. To view them all or export them, narrow down the criterion, for example, the number of followers.

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Updated on: 18/02/2024

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