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2022-01-17. Export reports to Excel and Multi-select

We've upgraded our List Management and Export to Excel features. What's new:

Accounts multi-select in Discovery and Lists.
Export reports to Excel.
Instagram followers count history in Excel.

So now you have four export options. You can export unlocked report to PDF or Excel, as well as export list of accounts or list of unlocked reports to Excel. 

Why this release helps influencer marketers to do their job

We are trying to create tool to avoid any repetitive tasks. So this release makes it simpler to work with lists and outreach. It looks like this: 

Multi-select is helpful for choosing influencers in lists and discovery section. For example, you can select several influencer in search results, add them to list and then send them an offer in Outreach.

With Export reports to Excel you can get an xls spreadsheet with all the data from any report or list of reports. 

For example, you could compare influencers in a convenient way: 

choose several influencers,
add to list,
export reports to Excel,
compare metrics you need.

There will be statistics about followers on Instagram by date in this spreadsheet. So you could easily see how many followers did someone have on certain date. 

Try it

Export any report to Excel-++
Export list of reports to Excel--+
Export of Instagram followers count history-++
Export limits-20 reports/month100 reports/month

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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