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2022-02-01. New search limits and other improvements

In this update we have these changes:

We have fixed the bug in case of removing accounts from lists
Option to unsubscribe from Report ready emails. You can do it clicking in Unsubscribe in the letters
To enhance the experience of influencer discovery feature we have introduced new limits.

New limits

To make user experience better we cancelled search limits per day. 

There is a common results per month limit now. This updated limit shows how many accounts you could see as search results per month. No more request limits per day or month limit. 

For example: you are looking for fashion influencers with ER more than 3% in your city. We've found 2.6K results for this search. As far as there are 15 search results on a first page you'll use 15 search results from your limit. Going to page 2 will use another 15 search results from your limit.  

Also our results per search limits stay unchanged. 

See the tariffs

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Updated on: 29/01/2024

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