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2023-09-17. Report 2.0

What's New?

Analytics Report 2.0!
We've added several new features to the report, making this update one of the most significant ever:

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New Features
Enhanced AQS
- Now you can see audience authenticity score, engagement rate, subscriber growth, and comment activity.

AI Influencer Check
- We use AI to check influencer values and beliefs, expertise and niches, target audience age and income, tone and sentiments analysis, and more.

ER and Other Metrics Evaluation
- Now you can see the engagement rate evaluation based on the size of the account and its niche. For example, an account may have a good ER among all accounts but be average for its niche.
- This helps explore new niches and find influencers suitable for your campaigns.

Advanced Content Analysis
- There were several metrics that we and our clients used to calculate manually. Now they are available in the reports.
- The view rate coefficient helps understand how much the audience likes an influencer's content. The comments coefficient shows how many comments an account has per 100 likes.
- All features are available for all new or updated reports.
- AI Check is available for all subscriptions. The advanced version with 13 fields is available for Pro/Advance.

Saves and Shares

This chart displays 4 metrics:
Average save
Average share

Perhaps one of the most accurate indicators of post utility. If a post is saved, shared in stories, or sent to friends, it's valuable and interesting.

Many saves indicate that followers find the posts interesting and would like to return to these saved posts. The account is moving in the right direction.

A high number of reposts means that users are sharing these posts in their accounts or sending them to their friends.

Save-to-follower and Share-to-follower show how many saves and reposts the content receives per 1,000 followers. This is a convenient way to compare the usefulness of content from different bloggers.

Each of these updates significantly simplifies influencer verification tasks.

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Updated on: 11/10/2023

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