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2022-05-18. Three times more results in the Category filter

We upgraded our algorithm using the Google Natural Language Processor, so we are proud to announce – this update gives you 3 times more search results if you are using the Category filter.

You know that you can find 2 category fields in the discovery section:

category based on Machine learning algorithms and dictionaries.
categories that were chosen by account owners. It's the perfect way to find trainers, doctors or specific brands like Jewelry. But it doesn’t work with all influencers: makeup artists set just Artist, travel influencers often set ‘Personal blog’, etc.

So what has changed?

We added one more algorithm to determine category or content (Google Natural Language Machine Learning).
We combined all these algorithms to create one “super” сategory.

For you it means: 

You’ll get 3 times more results.
4 new and 2 additional categories:
News & Media,
Finance & Investing,
IT & Hardware,
Industrial & Manufacturing.
You’ve got a lot of influencers in a search with the correct category right now.
The search became more precise.

Just use the filter category and you’ll get all the benefits of the new “super” сategory. 

Try it

P.S. Instagram categories won’t disappear now. You can use it for searches by some profession or brand industry.

Updated on: 14/08/2023

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