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2021-11-24. Influencers outreach

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New big feature – Outreach. 

trendHERO was created for influencer analysis but with new updates, we want to become the ultimate solution for influencer marketing. Till this November there were features for search and check. Now you can communicate with influencers and creators in a very simple way: 

Create an offer

Choose influencers (from a list or manually)

Click "Send"

No more excel sheets or offers copy-c/copy-v. Just write up to 200 influencers in 5 minutes. 

trendHERO Outreach advantages:

No need to search for influencer email

Up to 200 influencers per campaign

Detailed statistics about campaigns (Opens, Clicks, Replies, etc)

Personalized letters (the influencer account name, ER)

You could read how does it work or try it by yourself

Updated on: 15/08/2023

Aktualisiert am: 31/08/2023

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